Amethyst Lot

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High-grade amethyst point from Brazil.
Point is all polished.
Very deep purple color with black shadows or phantoms throughout.
Red inclusion seen in the stone is iron that at the time of formation it coupled to it.

Average Weight: 0.51 kg – 1.122 lb 
Dimensions:   3′‘ H  x 2.2”W Lot: 2 pieces

In stock

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Product origin: Brazil.

Amethyst gets its color from iron and aluminum impurities inside the underlying quartz structure.

What determines the quality? The colors range from light purple to deep violet to pale red-violet (pink amethyst). The deep purples and pinks are the most valuable, particularly a rich purple with rose flashes.

Great stone to have close to your body, works as a natural stress reliever, magnifies positivity while cleansing the body of negative energy.