Clear Lemurian

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Weight:  4.45KG – 9.79LB
Dimensions:  18cmH   14cmW

Do you know the clear the higher quality?
So this Lemurian is pretty unique because its size and transparency.
This piece is polished but we kept one facet unpolished where you can see all horizontal striations from a Lemurian.
Bottom is rough and self healed.

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Product origin: Brazil.

The best selling of all time! How not to love Lemrurian quartz?

The SHAPE of Lemurians is what makes them Lemurians special.

– STRIATIONS,  can also call it “laddering” on the sides.

– DOLPHINING, where a side (usually just one) will abruptly “duck down” like a bottlenose dolphin’s head.

– PIN vs. TONGUE, “pin” side, because it’s narrow and “tongue side,” because of it’s being broad and flat.

– TRANSLUCENCY,  difference in translucency, with one side being frosty and ridged and when polished bright is really icy then regular quartz.