Lemurian Cluster

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Weight: 3.2lb – 1.48kg
Dimensions:  In: 9H  x 4.7W – CM: 23H  x 12W 

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Product origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Discover the mystical properties of Lemurian Quartz – a clear quartz crystal believed to originate from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, dating back over 12,000 years. Admired for its ladder-like striations, which symbolize a path to heightened consciousness, this crystal is reputed for its powerful healing and spiritual benefits.
Those who use it in meditation or energy work report enhanced intuition, emotional healing, and a greater connection to spiritual realms. Said to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, Lemurian Quartz is believed to hold ancient wisdom and knowledge from the lost civilization of Lemuria, accessible through focused meditation and intention.
Try it out for yourself and explore the vast possibilities of this magical crystal.