Lemurian point

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Slightly-polished Lemurian crystal.
Incredible quality, with the point growing outwards at the side.

Weight: 0.48kg –  1.05lb
Dimensions:  14cm L x cm 8W

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Product origin: Brazil.

Natural Lemurian quartz crystals are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for their unique shape and features. These crystals have horizontal striations on their sides, believed to contain ancient wisdom from the lost civilization of Lemuria. Unlike polished crystals, natural Lemurian quartz retains its original shape and texture. With their distinctive features and purported metaphysical properties, such as promoting spiritual growth and healing, they have become a beloved addition to any crystal collection.

Whether you’re a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just starting your collection, our Lemurian points are a must-have for promoting spiritual growth and healing. Don’t miss out on this rare and highly sought-after crystal – order now and experience the power of Lemurian quartz for yourself!