Phantom Lemurian

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Rare Black chlorite phantom in Lemurian quartz. Exceptional transparency indicates top quality.
Completely unpolished, allowing a clear view of all surface features.
It is rare to find such a perfectly formed and remarkably clear crystal from the mine.
Includes a stand.

Weight: 6.6lb – 3kg
Dimensions:  Inches: H x W  – CM: H  x W 


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Product origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Lemurian crystal clusters are a type of quartz cluster found in Brazil with distinctive horizontal striations on the crystal sides. They are believed to hold ancient wisdom and metaphysical properties that enhance spiritual growth and healing. These clusters are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts for their unique appearance and purported properties.

Phantom quartz: a unique crystal formation with captivating internal ‘phantoms’ or ghost-like shapes. They form when crystal growth is interrupted, leaving traces of previous mineral deposits.
These enchanting phantoms appear in mesmerizing colors like green, translucent, purple, gray, and more.
Phantom quartz symbolizes transformation and growth, reminding us that our past shapes our present. It’s a great reminder to embrace our inner journey.