Polished Lemurain

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High quality polished lemurian point.
Polished from lemurian rough. Clarity and bright makes it marks as a diference from the regular quartz.
Base is made solely for this stone and comes with it.

Product origin: Brazil

Weight: 1.22kg –  2.684lb  Dimensions: 9′‘ H  x 3”W  

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Product origin: Brazil.

The best selling of all time! How not to love Lemrurian quartz?

The SHAPE of Lemurians is what makes them Lemurians special.

– STRIATIONS,  can also call it “laddering” on the sides.

– DOLPHINING, where a side (usually just one) will abruptly “duck down” like a bottlenose dolphin’s head.

– PIN vs. TONGUE, “pin” side, because it’s narrow and “tongue side,” because of it’s being broad and flat.

– TRANSLUCENCY,  difference in translucency, with one side being frosty and ridged and when polished bright is really icy then regular quartz. 


Why polishing lemurians?

Some people are phobic of polishing – I think it often allows the Energies to pass through more easily – or become more accessible to or “from the outside.”. PLUS as preference for a super bright piece.