Rutile Quartz

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High-quality Rutile quartz: Its amazing clarity allows all needle-like rutile inclusions to be clearly visible.

Weight: 0.205lb – k0.093g
Dimensions:  Inches: 2.7H x 1.9W  – CM: 7H  x 5W 

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Rutile quartz, also known as rutilated quartz, is a variety of quartz crystal characterized by the presence of needle-like inclusions of rutile. Rutile is a mineral composed mainly of titanium dioxide. These inclusions can take the form of golden, reddish-brown, or black threads or strands, creating a distinctive and visually appealing appearance within the quartz.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, some people attribute metaphysical properties to rutile quartz, such as fostering spiritual growth, enhancing clarity, and offering protection against negative energies.

Overall, rutile quartz represents a captivating variation of quartz, showcasing the captivating interaction between the quartz crystal and the rutile mineral inclusions it contains.

Origin: Bahia, Brazil.