Sand Smoky Cluster


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Unique natural shine of an unpolished piece.
This crystal is embedded within a sandstone matrix, where it grows naturally,
showcasing the fascinating interplay between crystal and sandy environment.

Weight: 5lb – 2.7kg
Dimensions:  Inches: 6.2H x 7.8W  – CM: 16H  x 20W 

More Details

A crystal with a sand matrix refers to a mineral specimen, usually a crystal, that is found embedded within a surrounding matrix of sandstone or sandy material. The sand matrix typically creates the environment in which the crystal naturally grows.

In this context, the crystal is distinct from the sand matrix. It can vary in terms of size, shape, and mineral composition. The crystal might be quartz, calcite, fluorite, or any other mineral. It forms within the gaps and spaces of the sandstone. Over time, mineral-rich solutions seep through the sandstone, depositing minerals and allowing crystals to form.

The contrast between the crystal and the sandy matrix creates a visually appealing appearance. Crystals within a sand matrix are often collected for their unique geological context and aesthetic appeal.

Origin: Minas Gerais, Brazil.