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About Us

For three generations, we have been sourcing crystals with an eye for quality and rarity.

Brazil has a long and rich history when it comes to mining crystals and gemstones. For three generations, the Ita family has been passionately involved in this industry, sourcing quality and rare stones from all over the country. What sets us apart is our dedication to each individual stone; we take the time to seek out only the best quality crystals for our clients.
We are also an ethically sourced company, committed to working with miners who operate in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. As the Ita family business continues to grow, we remain committed to our core values of excellence and integrity, ensuring that our clients receive only the finest crystals available on the market today.

We only sell high-quality crystals that have been selected for their unique formations and beauty.

Whether you are a collector, healer, or enthusiast, we are confident that you will find a special gem within our selection. That's because at Ita Crystals, every stone is chosen with love and care.

Our story began in the 1960s when the gemstone market was booming. It is difficult to summarize the history of mining in Brazil, but suffice it to say that our country is home to a vast array of beautiful gemstones.

We are dedicated to bringing these crystals to the world so that everyone can appreciate their beauty and power.

We have always been a family business, committed to excellence and growth.

Our story

In the 1980s, Carlos Vinicius took over his father's business and aimed for exponential growth. The family-owned company diversified into several areas of work, including street fairs, stores, and international wholesale gem shows. With Carlos Vinicius's visionary leadership, the company achieved incredible success and became a respected name in the gem industry.

In 2020, Bruna, Carlos's daughter, a former Diamond grader and Colored Stones from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), joined the company as a partner and brought ITA into the digital world. Her love for the business inspired her to continue her family's legacy.

Today, we have two bases, in Brazil and the U.S., and we have embraced the digital age by launching our online shop. Our goal is to provide easy access to customers worldwide and share our passion for crystals with even more people.

We thank you for being part of our journey and assure you that we are committed to providing only the highest quality gemstones.

The Ita Family.

Online Era

In 2020 Bruna, Carlos' daughter, took over the business in the US. Bruna's background has over 15 years of experience in the gem market and also in the largest gem fair in the world in addition to the knowledge acquired from the family that no money can buy.

Bachelor in Advertising at FAAP and MBA in Digital Marketing from ESPM concluded by the best Universities in Brazil.

Diamond grader from GIA - Gemological Institute of America. Among her many jobs, multinational companies she went through decided to opt for the job in which his heart beats strongest. As said in the beginning of this story - what makes us, us is that we do it with love.

Unifying the knowledge acquired throughout its life Ita Crystals is now immersed in the best way we can deliver to the digital world, aiming not only at selling, but also at sharing knowledge about the stones through our blog and informative content on social networks.

Gem Shows around the world

We have been present for over 20 years in the following gem shows:

Tucson Gem Show, Arizona
222 S. Freeway, Tucson
2024, Jan 17 – Feb 9

Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France
2023, June 21 -25

Denver Gem Show, Colorado
200 W. 48th Ave, Denver
2023, Sept 8 – 15


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